About Brett Robbins

Brett Robbins is the founder and CEO of The Homeowner Defense Network. The HDN offers systems that help homeowners discover what programs they may or may not qualify for and why in less than a week. The HDN also has a trusted network of mortgage relief service providers, and offers a proven credit education program.

How To Determine if a Loan Mod Company or Law Firm is Reputable

It is estimated that 84 percent of foreclosures have been erroneous or done illegally by banks, which means without attorney representation, you’re a sitting duck. What’s more, according to the U.S. Treasury, about 70 percent of homeowners get denied for government loan modifications because of bank errors and lost paperwork, so it’s proven that working with a reputable professional will increase your chances of success and certainly reduce stress. But what is reputable? Let’s have a … [Read more...]

What Are the Risks of Hiring a Loan Modification Company?

Homeowners who are trying to be approved for a loan modification but aren’t having success usually aren’t sure where to turn next. Is it their bank? A legal service? A government program? It’s hard to know when you’re getting mixed messages from the media and your lender who is telling you not to pay for any service related to loan modifications. The media does so because of the scammers out there, and the banks do it as a form of control. Loan modification companies exploded on the … [Read more...]

Is Suing Your Lender a Good Idea?

If you are mad, frustrated, stressed, confused and fed up with your bank and the loan modification process, you are not alone and it’s likely because your bank lied, and has given you the run around for months or years, and even broken laws -- lots of them! … [Read more...]

Do You Really Need an Attorney for a Loan Mod?

We recently wrote a post that proved quite controversial. The post, “10 Reasons You Absolutely Need an Attorney for a Loan Modification” has sparked a lively conversation on LinkedIn, and we wanted to follow up on that post with some additional commentary on our stance. … [Read more...]

How Does the National Mortgage Settlement Help Homeowners?

Back in Feb. 2012, after 16 months of investigation and negotiation, the federal government, 49 state attorneys general and the nation’s five largest mortgage services came to an agreement to address “loan servicing and foreclosure abuses, ” which was supposed to "provide immediate relief to homeowners..” So, after 32 months, is the $25 billion National Mortgage Settlement providing the relief that was promised? Is it easier for you to get a loan modification? … [Read more...]

What Are Your Chances of Getting Approved for a HAMP Loan Modification?

The Making Home Affordable Program (MHA) was launched in March 2009 with the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) which provides assistance to struggling homeowners by lowering monthly first lien mortgage payments to an affordable level. Additional programs were subsequently rolled out to expand the program reach. … [Read more...]

Why Aren’t Banks Helping Homeowners That Need Mortgage Relief?

Did you know your bank may not want to help you? Part of our daily mission here at The Homeowner Defense Network is to empower homeowners. Banks are debt collectors and their #1 goal is to collect as much money as possible from you and if they can't, either sell your loan or foreclose. … [Read more...]

Millions of Homeowners Get Paid Very Little for Lender Violations

On Oct. 31, 2012, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) released their Supervisory Highlights report, and just in time for Halloween, as the findings were indeed spooky! According to the report, many lenders violated federal laws, such as the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA), the Truth in Lending Act (TILA), and the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA). … [Read more...]

Should Homeowners Get a Forensic Loan Audit?

Forensic loan audits are a hot topic, so its important to know the truth about what they can and can NOT do for you, as some companies or law firms may use them as an excuse to charge upfront fees. … [Read more...]

Should You Modify Your Own Loan?

There is no simple answer to this question, but generally someone who is a good candidate for modifying his or her own loan is organized and persistent. Modifications are getting easier, especially with the tools that are currently available to simply the process, since regardless if you are a homeowner or a professional, you MUST know how to speak the lenders language in order to get the best results. … [Read more...]