Avoid Foreclosure

Banks have illegally foreclosed on millions of properties all over the United States, which means you can do everything right and your home is still at risk of foreclosure!


It can be easy to avoid foreclosure if you keep in mind the following:

  • Be proactive (this problem won’t fix itself).
  • Time is not on your side (don’t ever think you have “plenty of time” once your loan is behind).
  • Avert foreclosure rescue scams by requesting documentation of successful cases and have a third party review it to determine legitimacy (documents may be fabricated or generic).
  • Don’t believe anything the bank tells you unless its in writing (verbal promises won’t hold up in court after you’ve been foreclosed on).

“I have been trying for 3 years they kept telling me they were going to get it [a modification] done now they tell me they are going to foreclose what can i do to stop this?” – Actual Homeowner

How Do You Avoid Foreclosure?

Work with a legal team that is good with both legal and financial matters (this is rare!).

When all else fails there’s bankruptcy, but keep in mind that bankruptcy attorneys are generally not good at loan modifications, so you still may need to hire a loan modification expert. Bankruptcy can also be costly and some homeowners lose their homes because they can’t afford the monthly payment during or after their bankruptcy.

As such, if you have enough time, your best bet may be to apply for a loan modification.

Don’t be a victim of an illegal foreclosure. Take action now, so you can avoid the expense and hassle of being evacuated from your home and finding a new place to live.

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It is prudent and our recommendation to always seek advice from an attorney or tax professional with any questions you have regarding your property, financing, tax liability and/or foreclosure. The Homeowner Defense Network is not a loan modification company, law firm, a foreclosure consultant, or an attorney referral service. This content is intended exclusively for general informational purposes, and shall in no way be interpreted as legal advice. The HDN is not responsible, nor guarantees the performance of a 3rd party service or company, a specific outcome, or if they will take on your file or not.