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The Homeowner Defense Network has plenty of reviews and we’re happy to connect you with some.

Thanks to our loan disposition analysis and trusted network of service providers, we were able to connect these homeowners with the right resources and programs and here’s what they had to say:

Modification Agreement“As you know, the death of my father caused emotional and financial hardship beyond belief and I fell behind on my mortgage. Thanks to The Homeowner Defense Network I avoided a foreclosure nightmare and lowered my mortgage payments $627!! I am also expecting a principal reduction of $87,698 through Ocwen’s SAM Program!!
-Kevin A. of Santa Rosa, CA

Brett at HDN was like our guardian angel during a stressful time. Our income went down and we had to figure out a way to make our monthly payments affordable. Brett helped us understand the process and was extremely informative. Needless to say, everything worked out with our loan mod and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you Brett!”
-Nevenka G. of Oro Valley, AZ

“We have been trying to get a successful loan modification since 2009. We went through 3 groups who each took our money and did not help us. Those groups, including a law firm, all told us it would be impossible to get a HAMP loan and we would therefore need their expertise to get the mortgage lender to to negotiate due to charges of predatory lending or security fraud. I would advise against going with any company who tells you than can do that successfully. we now finally have an offer in hand under the HAMP program. Its good to find someone who can be trusted. Basically the IndyMac offer reduces our principal by $70,000 spread over 3 years if we make all our payments on time. We did not get an interest reduction ( it is 7.5%) and in fact our payment went up because now it is fixed and it is interest plus principal. We checked with some advisors and felt that over the long term, we should take the offer. We decided to think of it as a way to improve our asset value over the next 10 years, which is also one of our goals. So while we are disappointed that we did not receive a better interest rate. We feel we accomplished what many have not been able to do on their own.”
-J.M.H. of OR

“I was facing foreclosure of my home and my interest rate was 9.125%. I was able to modify to 2.5% for 5 years, 3.5% for the six year and then 4.5% for the rest of the loan.
-Jonathan P. of San Francisco, CA

“My business slowed down and my mortgage payment became too much. I didn’t know who to trust, but after speaking with you I felt like I had found who I was looking for and that turned out to be right. My mortgage payment lowered from $3,200 to $1,950 (interest rate from 6% to 2%)! I highly recommend you.
-Peter H. of San Francisco, CA

armando-bofa-mod“We were not having any success with Bank of America modifying our loan. Thanks to you, we can now stay in our home, while paying down the principal and saving $584 per month! Forever grateful.” Read Armando’s full letter.
-Armando R. of San Diego, CA

“After 4yrs of trying to get a loan modification and being trasnfered to Nationstar, we finally got a modification and I truly believe the only reason we got it was the [loan disposition] report you had ran for us..”
-Mona J. of Penndelton, OR

“Mary had no idea how to deal with the bank about her situation. She says she wishes she had access to this sooner because this is an absolute must.” Listen to Mary’s audio testimonial.
-Mary W. of TX

Modification AgreementTerry experienced a nightmare trying to work with his bank on his own for two years. Listen to Terry’s audio testimonial.
-Terry D. of Spartanburg, SC

“Thank you for helping me prepare for the loan modification process, it was EXTREMELY helpful.”
-Amy B. of San Diego, CA

“Thanks again for the info. You have already been more informative than all of the banks and etc combined.
-Rick P. of Twin Lake, MI

“Thank you. I have completed the loan modification process and received a mortgage reduction. Your info was right on and the forms where a big help as well. Again thanks a lot.”
-Hosea C. of Wilmington, NC

I now have a 2% interest rate and a 30 year term. Our life has definitely changed as a result of this and I wanted to thank you.” Listen to Harry’s audio testimonial.
-Harry of CA

Your team is extremely knowledgable about the loan modification process and puts the homeowner at an advantage over the lender. I can tell you truly care and want to keep people in their homes. I recommend you without hesitation.”
-Jessica L. of Poway, CA

HeadshotDoug Johnson is a a consumer advocate and national radio host that’s evaluated over 700 debt relief and mortgage relief companies and law firms. [Read his Endorsement Letter (PDF).]
-Doug Johnson, Consumer Advocate,

“I have gotten invaluable information from you, in fact you provided more usable information than a course I paid a significant amount of money for.
-Robbie B. of Westland, MI

Thank you Mr. Robbins!!!
Please let us know if we can help you in any way, we want to give you the highest recommendation and thank you for such a solid and workable resource in the Home Defense Network!
God Bless You Mr. Robbins, and good luck in all you do!
-Roch and Janice E. of Eugene, OR

God bless you guys for your unselfish ministry of caring.”
– Anotonio L. of Kingsland, GA

“Kevin was great and another guy who knows his stuff….. you guys have an excellent team over there! THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR HELP!!! I feel a lot better about this process and the ‘unknown’ already.”
-Mordy I. of Baltimore, MD

“As of June 1st, we have modified our loan. I want to thank you so much for all your help. We have gone from 6.75% to 3.00% (only for three years and then back to 6.75%, but for now, it saves us). Our payments went from Interest only to interest, principle, taxes and insurance. We have gone from paying $3,099 for interest only to $2,833.69 for EVERYTHING! We are finally tackling the principal. Thank you.”
-Sherry G. of Albion, CA

His [Brett Robbins’] knowledge and experience makes him an industry leader and a voice we should all trust … [Read the entire article on “Does Credit Repair Work?”.]
-John Saari, The Mortgage Buddy,

Shirlene contacted us back in 2013 with issues she was having with her mortgage company, but decided she would try to work with the bank on her own. Almost two years she writes us, “Good Morning Brett, you were right, I still having problems with Ocwen..”
-Shirlene M. of Duluth, GA

“Again, thank you for your help and for listening. It was nice to vent for a change. Enjoy your day.”
-Marianne H. of New York, NY

“I appreciate your knowledge and experience. I will just keep on going and struggle for the next break. I am so glad that I am not behind with my mortgage. I am afraid of making a mistake and be late with that. If I do get lucky I think you will be the first one to call. thank you for your assistance. Also it was wonderful to talk with you. Your thinking definitely is correct about fiscally compromising daily and there are no answers.”
-Donna R. of CT

“Thankyou much Brett, I appreciate your time and valuable information.”
Sincerely, Pamela

“I am very happy today. I just had my credit scores pulled by a Mortgage lender and I was very pleased to find out that my Credit scores have risen significantly since being enrolled in your program which should definitely qualify me for a much better mortgage interest rate loan. So thanks for the great work you continue to do. I am getting positive results already.”
-Robert M. of Belchertown, MA

“Just want to let you Know..  my Credit Score went up to a GREAT 719 THANK YOU SOOO MUCH..THAT IS A 129 POINT RAISE!!”
-David N. of Hiawassee, GA

It is people like you that make me (an immigrant) believe in the inherent good of Americans. I am grateful for the opportunity of having served in the US Armed forces for almost 25 years. Thanks again.”
-Anna C. of Butte, MT

“Thank you again for your help and your honesty.”
– Shavonne V. of Haverill, MA

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