Loan Disposition Analysis: What You Get

The key to knowing where you’re going, is first knowing where you stand. 

  • Are you interested in applying for a loan workout, but not sure what option is right for you?
  • Tired of waiting months for an answer from your Servicer?
  • Have you been trying to obtain a loan modification and are still “under review?”
  • Have you been turned down for a loan modification?
  • Have you failed the “NPV” Test and don’t know why?
  • Want to know current market value and how long properties are taking to sell in your area?
  • Have you considered the $10,000 borrower relocation assistance?

Running a Loan Disposition Analysis & Report (LDA) clears up the feeling of uncertainty and gives you or your attorney something to push back if denied for a loan workout option.

Know what your bank should already know

Knowledge = power. There’s no reason to guess when you’re using real lender analytics!

This system is not generally made available to consumers, but we’re authorized!

“It’s like taking a test and knowing all the answers.” 

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Loan Disposition/ Foreclosure Analysis: Find out what programs you may or may not qualify for and why. Discover what’s more profitable for your lender; modifying your loan, short sale, or foreclosure.
  • Free budget budget analysis with LDA experts. Prior to running your analysis your budget is balanced against the statistical norms and household allowances per member in the household.
  • Two electronic appraisals of your property. Valued at $200 to $300, it’s the same valuation (called “AVM”) that banks and Fannie Mae typically use, and included in your report.
  • A mortgage payment analysis. Find out how income is needed to make a 2% 40 year term work or principal the bank might have to forbear or forgive in order to make an affordable home payment possible.
  • A HAFA analysis. This is to see if you qualify for the government program that provides you with up to $10,000 relocation assistance if you don’t qualify for a loan mod and want to avoid foreclosure via a short sale.
  • Complimentary Rerun.  If you need to make adjustments to your income or expenses within 90 days of your purchase, we’ll make the necessary changes and provide you with one (1) complimentary rerun.
  • Free Product Support. We’ll decipher and explain the results of your analysis to ensure you get the most out of it.

Time is of the essence once your mortgage is delinquent.

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