Discover Loan Fraud

Sometimes you can do everything right and still not get results, which is why most foreclosure defense attorneys will perform a securitization analysis or forensic audit to gain leverage in negotiations.


Securitization Analysis & Forensic Audit

If your loan wasn’t done properly or your lender committed fraud, wouldn’t you want to know?

A securitization analysis typically includes chain of title and can uncover robo-signing, broken assignments, among other things.

The goal of a forensic audit is to establish the prevalence of fraud or misconduct on behalf of your lender during the origination, implementation and/or transfer of your loan.

Based on the findings, an attorney can determine the best legal strategy, which may or may not include litigation against your lender.

Free Pre-Screen

If you are curious, we offer a free pre-screen, so you can have an auditor provide a report detailing feedback and recommendations. This way you can avoid paying a loan audit company, when your loan may not have any issues.

Documents Needed for Free Pre-Screen:

  • Deed of Trust or Mortgage
  • Note
  • Lis pendens: Notice of Default and/or Trustee Sale
  • Available Assigments
  • Substitution of Trustee

Note: Free Pre-Screen requires at least the Mortgage or Deed of Trust, however any documents available will increase the efficiency of your review.

Beware of Scams

Beware of companies that provide loan audits without attorney representation because there are no guarantees that the findings will help you avoid foreclosure. And although it may be possible to sue a lender because of mistakes in loan documents, even winning the case may not force the lender to modify the loan terms.

Bottom line, getting an audit of your loan can provide useful information and whether paying money for an audit is worth it may depend on who performs the audit, the findings, and what attorney you choose to take on your case.

Fill out the form to the right to find to get your free pre-screen started today.

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