Loan Modifications

Loan Modifications can be the best option for you to avoid foreclosure. Loan Modifications are based on your financials (not typically your credit) and are a workout with your existing lender, so you can stay in your home with an affordable mortgage payment.

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Loan modifications can include:

  • Interest rate reductions (as low as 2%)
  • Switching from adjustable to fixed rates
  • Term extensions (max 40 years)
  • Principal reductions
  • Waived late fees and/or past due balance

How can you benefit from working with a loan mod professional today?

Loan Modifications require a “perfect” financial package, skilled negotiations, and hundreds of guidelines to get you approved. You need to prove you can afford your modified payment and also that the modification is more profitable for the bank than foreclosing on your home.

Banks are known for handing out erroneous denials and not giving you the best loan modification option, so choosing a reliable loan mod expert is critical for you to get approved and the lowest payment.

Who can you trust with your biggest investment – your home?

Beware of loan mod scams and “too good to be true” legal solutions. In fact, anyone that guarantees you a 2% interest rate and/or a principal reduction isn’t being honest.

Consumer Advocate reviewed more than 700 debt relief companies to find companies that were legitimate, compliant, experienced, specialized, and could provide documentation to verify their claims.

Proper due diligence also requires evaluating company owners, underwriting and document collection processes, customer service and communications, complaint histories, strategies and methods, years in business, fee structures, payment plans, client agreements, and track records of success.

Currently, there’s only a handful of loan modification companies that we recommend. Although we can’t guarantee the performance of a third party, a specific outcome, or if they will take on your file or not, we can guarantee that you won’t be scammed.

“We have been trying to get a successful loan modification since 2009. We went through 3 groups who each took our money and did not help us. We wish we had gone with Homeowner Defense sooner, but we now finally have an offer in hand under the HAMP program.” -J.M.H. of OR

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If you stop paying your mortgage, you could lose your home and damage your credit rating, so it is prudent and our recommendation to always seek advice from an attorney or tax professional with any questions you have regarding your property, financing, tax liability and/or foreclosure. The Homeowner Defense Network is not a loan modification company, law firm, a foreclosure consultant, or attorney referral service. This content is intended exclusively for general informational purposes, and shall in no way be interpreted as legal advice. The HDN is not responsible, nor guarantees the performance of a 3rd party service or company, a specific outcome, or if they will take on your file or not.